Saturday, September 10, 2011

:: An Overdue Update ::

So... CD24 today. No ovulation this time around. This whole medical process of ttc is just getting to be too much. The pressure of "ok well I took these meds, so everything should be working right... why isn't it??" I don't know how much longer I'll be able to do it. I may take a cycle off of the clomid before I start up again. A cycle free of waking up at 5 a.m. every single day just to take my temperature. A cycle that I won't feel guilty about missing my vitamins. Speaking of which, I need to take.

I saw on facebook today that my DH's college roommate's wife (follow that one!) is pregnant with their second. So far, I haven't really had trouble being jealous or sad when others get pregnant. I trust that God has in His perfect timing what He wants for us. But for some reason, seeing that, was just really hard. Their first one was an oops! They weren't even really together by the time she found out I think, or at least by the time she had the baby. He was definitely being an involved father and taking responsibility, and through all that their relationship rekindled, they got married, and are now expecting baby #2. It was really a blessing to see how God worked through them and made their initial mistake into something so beautiful. I'm just ready for it to be my turn!

In other news: One thing that I try to devote a little bit of time to every day is Swagbucks! I've mentioned it before but I figured I'd do so again just in case I have any new readers. I've made about $85 worth of gift cards recently, and I barely put any effort into it! I haven't cashed it all in for those gift cards though (Only cashed in about $45), as I'm waiting to get that bfp, then cash it in for gift cards, with which I'd have about $50 worth of that at the moment because they cost less swagbucks. It may sound kind of confusing, but it's definitely worth checking out! It's not just a U.S. thing, and they have all kinds of prizes you can cash in your swagbucks for... check it out!
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