Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So I'm not so good at keeping this whole blog thing updated. The only time I really have to update is while I'm at work, and technically I should be working at the time... right? ;)

According to my chart, I am now 7dpo. I got my blood drawn 2 days ago, at 5dpo. Mind you that fertilityfriend first said my ovulation day was CD15, then CD16, then CD17. So any of those are really a possibility. I do expect a positive outcome on the bloodwork though (at least confirmation of ovulation -- whether the levels themselves are normal or low, I have no clue). Since I am charting basal body temperature, I am 100% sure that I ovulated.

I go back on Wednesday, the 17th to talk to my doctor about the results, and also get my annual "well woman" exam. Yuck. I plan on testing on the 15th (12dpo) as it's our 2nd wedding anniversary, and it'd be a great surprise! :) So I'm hoping I go on the 17th with a bfp :). I have no clue how long my luteal phase is though, so I don't know what day is considered "late" for me. My only other cycle that I ovulated on had either a 5 or 8 day LP (ff says 5), which is way too short to get pregnant. I have been taking a B50 complex for about 5 months though now, so I'm hoping it helped my luteal phase.

Good grief I am so long winded!

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  1. Hope you get your BFP!! What a nice wedding anniversary present :)