Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yesterday I told my husband...

...that if we ever do get that little baby, I plan on going diaperless. He was a little confused and skeptical at first, but as I explained it to him, he seemed okay about it. He's just happy it would save money :). I was really worried he would think it was one of my weird "hippie" ideas. But like I told him, if it doesn't work out for us, we can always switch to diapers. And for some activities (church, road trips, etc.) I'll have diapers on hand.

I was pretty nervous about telling him. I will really need his support on this, as I know my mom will come to stay for a little while after we have the baby (IF we ever do), and I know she'll think it is weird and won't be afraid to say so. It might be hard to stand my ground on that issue when I'm in that post-partum state. Or even if I have to tell her before the baby actually arrives when she asks if I haven't stockpiled and stuff. I guess I just have to cross that bridge when I come to it :/

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