Monday, July 18, 2011

The waiting game begins

Well last night I finished up the prometrium, so now I just have to wait for AF to begin so I can move forward with other things. It really is just a waiting game though: Wait for AF, Wait for CD4 to start Clomid, Wait for Ovulation, Wait for CD21 bloodwork, Wait for the results of said bloodwork, Wait for either a Big Fat Positive or for AF to show her not-so-lovely face again. So much waiting, so little patience.

I do think though, that splitting into these little chunks will make it seem faster overall. I mean, the prometrium seemed like it would take forever. Now that I'm done though, 10 days didn't seem that long at all. The largest block of waiting I should have now is about 7 days. I can handle 7 days. I think.

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