Saturday, July 16, 2011

I mentioned in my last post...

About when I become a stay-at-home wife/mother, I plan on pursuing things to bring in a little extra income for us. I obviously don't have a newborn yet, but hopefully I'd be able to at least spend 15 minutes or so every day to do SOMETHING.

I'm already doing a little bit of something though. It's called Swagbucks. I figured if I start small things now, before I am pregnant, I can bring in income to put towards TTC stuff (like OPKs or supplements) or baby stuff.

A brief overview of how it works, is you do different things to earn Swagbucks. You can do web searches, daily polls, play games, watch Swagbucks TV, and more! Those are the 4 things I do most ;). You then redeem those Swagbucks for prizes. The prize I redeem most is a $5 gift card (450 Swagbucks). They also have gift cards for, and for non-U.S. users :).

Anyway, if you want click on the referral link/picture below to get started and start earning your own Swagbucks! I will win 1 Swagbuck for every 1 that you win on the search engine, up to 1000, if you sign up under me. You can then invite some of your friends to sign up and earn under your referral! What an easy way to save up a little bit of $$$ for this insane journey to becoming a mommy :)

Search & Win

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