Friday, July 8, 2011

I am so stinkin' blessed!

I can't believe how terrified I was of my doctor's appointment today! I was genuinely stressed about everything, and the worst thing that happened was them taking some blood, which was for a good cause -- totally worth it!!!

I didn't have to fight/argue with or convince the doctor at all! She was on the same page as me :) She agreed I am doing the right thing in trying to move forward with trying to conceive at this point, despite my age (21). I was worried she would tell me I was young and not to worry about it at the moment. She didn't make a big deal about my weight either. I am overweight (but not obese) and previous doctors have always made that such an issue. She prescribed me something to get a new cycle kickstarted, and clomid to try to make me ovulate! She took bloodwork today to test my thyroid and prolactin, and I'll have to do cycle day 21 bloodwork as well when I get to that point. I'm so stinkin excited and ready for this!!! :]

More on the weight issue --- I've been trying to lose weight since January. I've been going up and down because of stressfull events like death in the family, or out of the ordinary things that cause changes in my eating habits, like road trips or visitors to our house. I'm down about 10lbs overall though. I really fell off the bandwagon about two weeks ago, and gained about 6 lbs back in that period... but for this next month while we earnestly trying to conceive I'm going to try to be very good about eating, and exercise! I hate exercise... ;)

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