Friday, July 29, 2011


And hoping ovulation comes soon! I checked my cervix position yesterday and today and both times it seemed way up there, but also hard, not soft. So I dunno what that really means. Kinda water CM for now.

I've been temping but no ovulation yet. It's still pretty early though to ovulate. Why does time seem to fly so quickly in some ways, but drag on in others? It seems like ovulation and stuff will NEVER happen... but soon I know it will be over and then the TWW begins... Eeek!

Not too much to update. I've never been one to have many symptoms of anything, except for moodiness. Then I just go eat more chocolate :)

P.S. have you done your web search today and won some swagbucks? I've redeemed $25 so far in Swagbucks, and have almost another $40 in my account! If this is my month, that's all going towards baby stuff!!

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