Saturday, July 16, 2011

Criteria for a baby?

When hubby and I were talking about starting our family, the criteria we had for being ready for a baby were:

(1) Hubby having a job that would support us without my income, as we are planning on my being a stay-at-home mom.
(2) Living somewhere that we are not exposed to second-hand smoke from our neighbors. Preferably a house, as if we move to another apartment there is chance we will land with smoking neighbors again. This is more expensive than our apt. though, so we have to take that into account with #1
(3) Having a 4-door car that would be so much easier than our 2-door for using a carseat. Not as important, but something we definitely thought about.

We started trying to conceive (TTC) with none of these things. Sometimes we had doubts, but as we are ultimately trusting God with our family planning, we believe that when He gives us a child, He will also provide the things we need. We believe it's His will that I be a stay-at-home mom, so we believed He will provide a way. We believe that we should try our best to provide a safe and healthy environment for a baby. We don't necessarily see how we can afford a house, but we believe God will provide the right one in His timing.

I really believe this upcoming cycle of clomid will be special. Tomorrow is my last day of prometrium, then I'm taking the Clomid CDs 4-8.

Last December, we bought (and got a great deal on) a used car that will be perfect for a newly expanding family. If we reach the family size we would like, we'll need a bigger one eventually, but that's a while away.

Just this week, my husband was offered a job (and accepted it!) that will definitely support us, even with a baby. It is more than what I am making now, and really if we are planning on going diaperless a baby shouldn't add that much more to our expenses (I also plan to breastfeed). In fact, when they offered it to him, they offered $0.50 more per hour than they had originally said, so it's basically his first raise! Whenever I do go to being a stay at home wife/mother, I do plan on pursuing different work-at-home things, even if it's just taking a few surveys too or making a few things to sell on Etsy to bring in some bonus income. But if I never do that, we'll still be okay :)

The only thing missing now is a new place to live. If I get pregnant this cycle, we'll have about 9 months to find something. And I really believe God will provide. Whether it's our neighbors moving out, or blessing us with a perfect little house to raise a baby in for a few years, our baby will be raised without being exposed to secondhand smoke.

Everything is falling into place. It makes me so nervous, but so excited, for this cycle! Bring it on!

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